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Webinar The Rust Language webcast

Rust Rocks! Why ThreatX Chose Rust

The Rust Language was developed to improve the speed and efficiency of developing applications and APIs. ThreatX saw the benefits of Rust early and has never looked back. Rust helps ThreatX go fast and protect our customers from attacks. Find out why we chose it and why we're still so bullish about our decision.

Webinar Credential stuffing webcast replay image

Credential Stuffing: What You Should Know

ThreatX has a unique approach to defending against one of the oldest but still most common threats targeting companies around the world. Listen to ThreatX's CSO Bret Settle and CEO Gene Fay discuss the evolution of credential stuffing and how ThreatX approaches the problem with great success.

Data Sheet DDOS Data Sheet

DDOS Data Sheet

The ThreatX platform provides a fully-integrated approach to the many risks and threats facing applications today. Our approach protects organizations from application layer DDOS techniques as well as volumetric DDOS often seen at Layers 3 and 4. We provide offerings that align with any size organization, and our ASaaS team of professionals is available "on-tap," 24/7 to help troubleshoot sophisticated attacks.

Article ETS article Gene Fay, CEO, ThreatX

ThreatX: One Platform For All Your Application Security Woes

The threat landscape has undergone a major transformation over the years, and security professionals are up against a much larger variety of complicated and challenging threats today. ThreatX delivers a WAAP++ multi-functional platform that combines web application security, API protection, Bot management, and DDoS mitigation into a single solution.

Analyst Brief ESG Showcase Paper - ThreatX WAAP

Adopting a Risk-centric Approach to WAAP with ThreatX

A new AppSec approach with integrated protection against traditional application threats, API attacks, and machine-generated availability and fraud-based attacks is needed. The ThreatX WAAP++ platform incorporates WAF, bot management, DDoS mitigation, and API protection into a risk-centric approach providing developer and cyber teams with actionable insights to improve application security.

White Paper WAF to WAAP++ | A 3-Step Plan to Modernize AppSec

WAF to WAAP++ | A 3-Step Plan to Modernize Your AppSec

As web applications and their threats have evolved, traditional WAFs have struggled to keep pace. Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) introduces a modernized approach to application security that addresses these new challenges.

Solution Brief Splunk Phantom and ThreatX integration solution brief

Automating Investigation and Defense with ThreatX and Splunk Phantom

The integration of ThreatX and Splunk Phantom combines Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) application with industry-leading security automation and orchestration.

Solution Brief Cortex XSOAR by Palo Alto Networks and ThreatX integration solution brief

Automating Investigation and Defense with ThreatX and Cortex XSOAR

The integration of ThreatX and Cortex XSOAR by Palo Alto Networks combines Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) with industry-leading security automation and orchestration.

Data Sheet ThreatX WAAP Platform Overview Datasheet

ThreatX WAAP Platform Overview

Protect Your Apps. Anywhere. Effortlessly. Find out how the ThreatX WAAP Platform can help you conquer your AppSec anxieties

Infographic Stop Malicious Bots Infographic ThreatX

Stop Malicious Bots Infographic

Learn key facts, top targets, and characteristics of automated malicious bots. Find out how to block them.

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Data Sheet AppSec-as-a-Service 24/7 expertise

ThreatX AppSec-as-a-Service Offering

Protect your applications with 24/7 monitoring, response, and threat hunting--driven by AppSec experts and collective intelligence.

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White Paper Implementing a Full-Spectrum Approach to AppSec

Implementing a Full-Spectrum Approach to AppSec

This paper explores the requirements for building a coordinated, full-spectrum approach to application security.

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Webinar AppSec Kill-Chain Evolved - TTPs for Modern Defenses

AppSec Kill-Chain Evolved - TTPs for Modern Defenses

The AppSec kill-chain has been in place for many years, but complex app and API attacks require more. We explore how the concepts of the MITRE ATT&CK framework can modernize the kill chain to better detect and block modern hackers.

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Webinar Case Studies & Best Practices to Master AppSec in 2019

Lessons From the Front Lines of AppSec

Our SOC provides an analysis of real-world attacks we have observed and blocked in 2019 along with best practices for dealing with them.

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Webinar Measure Your WAF's Performance | Webinar with SANS

How Effective is Your WAF Protection?

Learn how to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of your web application firewall against benchmarks and key metrics, ultimately to improve your application security posture.

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Webinar Webinar with SC Magazine - Behavior Analysis & Attacker Deception for High-Confidence AppSec

Implementing Behavior Analysis & Attacker Deception for High-Confidence AppSec

Experts share how to implement behavioral analysis and attacker deception techniques to drive blocking decisions that are accurate, scalable, and measurable.

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Webinar Strengthen Web App Security Defenses Using Behavioral Analysis & Attacker Deception

Strengthen Your Web App Defenses Using Behavioral Analysis & Attacker Deception

Web application security tools that rely on static signatures are becoming more frustrating to maintain and altogether less effective. This webinar will address how behavioral analysis and attacker deception techniques give AppSec a boost to keep up with modern threats.

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Webinar Webinar with TechRepublic

Keys to Crafting a High-Performing AppSec Strategy

Take a close look at the challenges plaguing modern security teams and hear best practices for building an AppSec strategy that adapts to your architecture and dev cycle while stopping advanced threats.

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White Paper Designing AppSec in the Age of APIs and Microservices

Designing AppSec in the Age of APIs and Microservices

Analyze the shifts in security, from DevOps and CI/CD pipelines to APIs, and how they have impacted AppSec. Then explore similar shifts in AppSec, including new tools built for API and microservice security.

Webinar An Introduction to the Next-Gen WAF

Solving Modern AppSec Challenges with the Next-Gen WAF

Get an introduction to the capabilities of the next-generation WAF, including how it can solve the common challenges of modern application security.

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Webinar Securing APIs webinar with SC Magazine

Using a Next-Gen WAF to Protect APIs & Microservices

As APIs have become a critical part of modern businesses, security teams have to adapt new tools and strategies. We share tips in this webinar.

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Guide Web Application Protection for the Modern Era

Web App Protection for the Modern Era

Security teams are hard-pressed to keep up with modern app development expectations and advanced threat landscapes. This guide was developed to arm modern security practitioners with insights to remain competitive.

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Webinar Webinar with SANS Institute

Machine Learning & Risk Engines for Security Data Analysis Webinar

Experts from ThreatX and SANS Institute explore the use of machine learning and risk engines for security data analysis. Learn what capabilities are valid and what promises are bogus.

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White Paper Fix the WAF with Attacker-Centric Security

Using Attacker-Centric Security for a Stronger WAF

A security team’s guide to the current state of web app security, with tips on how to keep up with an evolving threat landscape using attacker-centric security.

Webinar SANS Institute Webinar

Everything I Learned & Wanted to Forget About WAFs

Hear from experienced security professionals how to overcome the challenges of existing WAF technologies and sort through various WAF solutions to find the best fit for your organization.

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Webinar Cybersecurity Panel On-Demand

How to Make Cybersecurity Effective, Practical, & Scalable

Hear from a panel of cybersecurity experts what the future looks like with modern applications, and growing vulnerabilities from API and microservices architectures in this on-demand webinar with Infosecurity.

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Guide Defense against web application attacks

Right Tool, Wrong Model

The frequency and complexity of attacks are increasing, as is the use of web applications in successful businesses. Are your defenses against web application attacks falling further behind?

Case Study Protection across hybrid-cloud environment

BMC Relies on ThreatX to Protect its Apps Across a Multi-Cloud Environment

BMC was struggling to protect critical business and portfolio apps and websites distributed globally across a hybrid-cloud environment. They turned to ThreatX.

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Demo Defense against web application attacks

Product Demo

Watch this expert-led demo to see our attacker-focused web application security solution in action, including coverage for cross-site scripting, sequel injection, and other OWASP Top 10 Security Risks.

Webinar Web App Security Webinar

Exposed and At Risk

80% of organizations stated that their web apps were compromised in the last 12 months. In this on-demand webinar, we take a deep dive into why many organizations' approach to web app cyber security is insufficient.

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Guide Pitfalls of Reputation-Based WAFs

How to Avoid the Top 3 Pitfalls of Reputation-Based WAFs

Read this guide to learn more about the challenges associated with traditional WAF solutions and how a contextual behavioral analysis approach can combat them through ThreatX's thought leadership.

Webinar Cyber Threat Detection

Your Current Approach to Threat Detection & Neutralization is Broken

From costly false positives to overworked cyber security teams, your current approach to threat detection is subpar. Hear from the experts in a webinar with SANS Institute.

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Guide Dynamic Cyber Defenses

Dynamic Cyber Defenses: A Fresh Approach to an Old Problem

Standard prevention approaches in cyber security favor bad actors. Learn how dynamic defenses is making it possible to overcome these deficiencies and place defenses on a more even playing field with attackers.

Webinar Attacker-Centric Web Application Security

Beyond Signatures & Anomalies: Attacker-Centric Security

In this webinar, we discuss how to unburden your security team by shifting the focus away from trying to detect an infinite list of individual attacks, and hone in on attacker behaviors.

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Webinar Security Weekly Interview

Security Weekly Interview

Bret Settle, CEO of ThreatX, addresses the shift to attacker-focused, behavior-based web app security and other trends in today's modern attack environments with Security Weekly's Paul Asadoorian.