Complete Web Application & API Protection

To Address Expanding App Footprints and Complex Attacks

Building A Better Web Security Solution

"We experienced, first-hand, the lack of coverage for hybrid cloud environments, the poor accuracy and limited intelligence that [traditional WAF solutions] use to identify advanced cyber threats and their inability to support deep analysis of trends and web application vulnerabilities. So, we built a better solution for web application protection."
- Bret Settle, CEO

The ThreatX Story

ThreatX is challenging the current standards of web application protection that have left many organizations exposed and at risk. ThreatX's behavior-based web application and API security solution protects web applications and APIs from cyber threats across cloud and on-prem environments. We deliver complete protection and deep threat visibility by combining behavior profiling, collective threat intelligence, and advanced analytics. Our Managed Service combines threat hunting with access to experts 24x7, significantly reducing the direct operational costs and maintenance burdens of WAFs for enterprises.

How We Do It

Direct experience and frustration with legacy solutions spurred the need to move beyond static signatures. To reduce costly false positives, minimize the operational burden of maintaining traditional WAFs, and remain agile with the evolving threat landscape, ThreatX leverages:

Progressive, behavior-based profiling to build a threat profile and precisely identify, monitor, and block malicious entities.

A combination of WAF, DDoS, Bot, and application performance improvement capabilities for your web application and API protection.

Collective threat intelligence combined with our security experts available 24x7, enhances and automates the analysis of thousands of security events.

A deployment agnostic model for easy integration with varying types of application environments.

See how you can effortlessly protect your web apps & APIs.

Success Is A Partnership

ThreatX is proud to partner with our customers. Here’s a snapshot of our current portfolio.